A case study of my Acumen Data engagement

A software development company that visualised and created CAAPS for the management and automation of accounts payable processes for organisations globally. This ongoing engagement includes strategic advisory and project execution.

Chris Winfield-Blum, MBA
Written by Chris Winfield-Blum, MBA
Published 17 Sep 2018

I have worked with Acumen Data on strategically important projects, both internal and external.

Throughout the engagement we have conducted multiple workshops covering;

  • Organisational Vision, Mission and Values
  • Scheduling, estimating and executing work effectively
  • Leadership - how to lead and follow to succeed
  • Productivity Hacking



Along with workshops I also have worked on strategic projects, driving success through my structured methodologies including;

  • Building an offshored team of developers, testers and support engineers
  • Management of major technical projects including rearchitecture of core software components and workflows
  • Development of business compliance and governance documentation
  • Research & Development application writeup


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