strategic execution



The most important aspect of our engagement is that I will work with your organisation to build effective work & productivity habits to shake the "I didn't get time" mentality & achieve your organisational objectives

Many organisations spend hours with their leadership group in sessions to review and develop strategies. They agree on actions and then rely on individuals to take ownership to build plans and execute on them. The vast majority of strategic plans end with "I got caught up with blah blah blah" or "I didn't get time because of na na na".

Our strategic execution approach incorporates agile principles, increased targets and progress visibility and appropriate support and guidance to achieve and even excel on the needed results.

As a team we will;

  • Conduct sprint planning sessions where manageable pieces of work are assigned and scheduled with a sprint period
  • Regular scrums are run with each team member expected to provide reports on what was done (and what was not), what is next on their list and are there any blockers or risks to success
  • Sprint retrospectives are conducted to review outcomes, discuss what worked well, what didn't and what actions will be taken to improve the next sprint
  • Sprint reports are shared with all stakeholders for full visibility and ultimate accountability

These agile principles are core to my engagement because they are proven to improve team performance and encourage reflection and continuous improvement across the organisation. The below diagram succinctly outlines the agile scrum process that will be used with your team;



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